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The Whole Child: Brains, Bodies, Best Behaviors

The "whole child" development concept is not new. However, it has become a hot topic in today's parenting and educational circles  The movement can actually be traced back to Johann Pestalozzi in 18th century Switzerland.  He was the first to outline the different areas of a child's development and the importance of child-centered education. As a result, he is known as the father of... Keep Reading

Benefits of Music Education

Experiencing and performing music is an integral part of most cultures around the world. It's fun, interactive and brings communities together. Beyond that, music has been proven to have significant developmental benefits for your young child. Studies have shown that music education promotes physical, social and cognitive development. I am about to give you all the reasons to have more dance... Keep Reading

Rolling Into Kindergarten

Kindergarten readiness skills include physical, academic, social and emotional domains. All skill areas are of equal importance to kindergarten success. Parents can do a lot at home to help prepare their young child for the transition from preschool/pre-k to kindergarten. Here are some foundational skills to work on this summer. Can your child complete the following? Ask permission to get out of... Keep Reading

Benefits of Block Play

Play of all kinds can be incredibly stimulating and helpful for children in their social and intellectual growth. Play is engaging and fun, and keeps their little minds developing.  One great way to utilize play is building blocks! Block play has dynamic ways of getting children to practice math and science, as well as stretching their imagination and encouraging team building. Building with... Keep Reading

Creating a Reading Nook

Reading is one of the most fundamental practices that help children grow and become more successful in their lives. There are countless reasons why reading is important for children. How can we as adults help children develop a love of reading and encourage this practice? One fun way is building a reading nook for you and your child. Here are some ways to create the coziest spot to dive into a... Keep Reading