The Lighthouse Learning Wall
The Science of Spring
Spring time is an amazing time of adventure and beauty! Warmer weather means that families can begin to get out of the house more and discover the world around them. At Children’s Lighthouse we... Keep Reading
Narration vs. Conversation with Young Children
Communication and dialogue with young children are vital in their development. Children learn from observing the world around them with all of their senses and auditory learning is especially... Keep Reading
New Year New Approach
The beginning of a New Year is a time where most adults are making resolutions and goals that will guide their behavior and decisions in the New Year. It is a time of assessing past choices and... Keep Reading
Tips to Redirect Negative Behaviors in Children
When a baby enters their parent’s lives, they are wonderful! Even though they rob parents of sleep and are extremely needy, that little innocent bundle of joy is wonderful. Then, as the child... Keep Reading
Give the Gift of Fun and Learning
December is a wonderful time for many cultural celebrations. Families get together. Mounds of food are cooked and enjoyed. Beautiful lights and decorations go up. Candles are lit. While all of these... Keep Reading
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