About the Owners
The Children's Lighthouse Learning Center in Round Rock is the mutual dream of two like-minded families of whom children's wellness and education is the top priority. Our main goal of providing the best social and character values alongside with the best educational experience with a foundation of trust is what we offer at Children's Lighthouse.

Dubey Family

Richa Lawania Dubey is the co-owner of the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center in Round Rock, TX. Richa and Keshu Dubey started their journey from India to the U.S.15 years ago, with an aim to struggle, survive and succeed together. Richa has an MBA from the University of Nottingham, UK and collectively 12 years of experience in customer service, hospitality and real estate. Keshu has a strong technology background with 15 years of experience; he completed his MBA at The University of Texas. Both of us strongly believe in the power of education and positive guidance.

We have a simple, yet, convincing story to relate to our passion. When we became the proud parents of two toddler children (ages 5 and 1), our commitment evolved further with the start of each new day.  We understood how important it was for us to build a strong foundation of trust, love and cultural belonging to our growing kids. Being Round Rock residents for the last 10 years, we are happy to provide child care in the area for preschool children.

Jawahar Family

First and foremost, Jawahar family is a bunch of misfits. Proud and loving misfits that is!:) Dhandapani Jawahar (aka JD) and Kanjbala Jawahar (aka Kanj) have a sweet little ten year old boy, Nathan Jawahar (aka Nathan). JD graduated with Masters in Computer Science from University of Central Florida. Kanj graduated with Bachelors in Computer Science from UT Austin. JD has worked in IT industry for last 25+ years and Kanj for last 15+ years.

We have lived in Texas for a quarter century and love Austin. We watched Nathan's travels from day-care to day-care in North Austin area and noticed how each place had something that the other did not. All we ever asked of each place was one and only one thing - please make sure that he feels cherished. That's it. Our hope is to provide the same for all the kids at Children's Lighthouse at Round Rock. We hope and pray that we have gathered enough knowledge & experience watching Nathan and other kids to make Children's Lighthouse of Round Rock a loving and caring place for as many as kids as we can.
Dubey & Jawahar Families
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