Meet Our Team

Courtney Keefe- Center Director

My name is Courtney Keefe and I welcome you to Children's Lighthouse. I spent many years living in Venezuela and am fluent in Spanish, but am happy to currently call San Antonio my home. Most of my local adventures include my beloved dog Sailor, who has a direct connection to Children's Lighthouse, since I adopted him through one of our holiday events! Sailor and I enjoy hiking, being outdoors, and spending time at the dog park.

I received my Associate Degree in Applied Science in 2012, and have always had a passion for Early Childhood Education. That passion has been evident in all of my experiences in child care, where I have been for the last nine years, as both a teacher and Center Director. I feel blessed to be a part of young children's lives and watch as they reach important milestones. Being a Center Director affords me the opportunity to stay current on the trends and research in Early Childhood and implement those in our program so that children of all ages can flourish in of our classrooms. The connections that are formed with our families are my greatest joy and I feel honored to help create the foundation for a lifetime of learning for our littlest learners.

My passion for child care was inspired by my two younger sisters, and they are the motivation behind my desire to make sure that each child receives a high quality experience here at Children's Lighthouse. That includes a balanced curriculum with both an academic and value-based focus as well as the comfort and security of being in the classroom each day. With a strong connection between the classroom, parents, and a committed administrative team, children can grow and thrive in our advanced program. I hope to be a part of that bridge as we all celebrate your children's successes together.

I hope that you always find my door open and welcoming. Please come and share any concerns or praises that you may have. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your children with us each day!

Marisa Carbajal- Center Director

My name is Marisa Carbajal and I am so excited to connect with Courtney and rejoin the Children’s Lighthouse team!

I am a loyal Longhorn and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Learning and Development with a minor in Childhood Studies at the University of Texas at Austin in 2007. I have a deep passion for early childhood education and feel strongly that in a safe environment filled with love, all children, even our littlest ones, can learn amazing things. I believe that a trusting relationship between a committed management team, dedicated teachers, and loving parents is the key to success! I trust that you will find our center to be one that nurtures all elements of your children’s development by creating a loving atmosphere where kindness and manners are praised as well as one where a quality curriculum is appropriately implemented. We know that the decision about where to send your children for these crucial years is such an important one and we are certain that our program and staff will fill you with confidence.

I hope that you always find our door open and welcoming and come and share any concerns or praises that you may have. We are committed to open and ongoing communication and are always available to families in our program. As a director who was a former teacher and is also a mom of two young sons, I have a universal perspective that helps ensure all families are receiving the quality of care that our learning center aims to provide.

I cannot thank you enough for sharing the most valuable part of your life with us and look forward to celebrating your children’s growth and successes together!

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