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Is Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle a daycare in Kyle, TX?

We are a premier Early Learning School.  More than a daycare, we offer childcare services for children ages 6 weeks up to 6 years through our advanced prekindergarten program.  We have afterschool programs for children up to age 12.  Even for infants and toddlers, we have a specific curriculum and focused developmental assessments through our BRIGHT™ curriculum.  To learn more on our programs for infants and toddlers, click here.


Does Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle have after school programs for school age children?  

Yes, we offer an excellent after school program called xSTREAM Quest®.  The xSTREAM Quest® program is designed to reinforce your child's knowledge and allow them to use their strengths to achieve a proficiency in design, creativity, and problem-solving.  It is a unique offering we feel proud about.  To learn more, visit the xSTREAM Quest information overview page.


Does Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle have transportation to and from local elementary schools?

Yes, Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle offers after school pick up for elementary schools including Negley, Kyle Elementary, and Elm Grove.  We are also considering Blanco Vista Elementary in San Marcos.  Additional schools are under consideration.  If you have a specific afterschool childcare need, please reach out to us to learn more or request support for your school.  

What neighborhoods does the preschool provide care to?

Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle offers care for all neighborhoods in Kyle, TX including Plum Creek, Anthem, 6 Creeks, Hometown Kyle, Brooks Crossing, Cypress Forest, Stagecoach Crossing, Brooks Ranch, Sage Hollow, Cool Springs, Waterleaf Park, Crosswinds, and we even have some families from Wimberly, Sunfield in Buda, and Blanco Vista in San Marcos joining us.   Conveniently located on Veterans drive (FM150), we are close to most of the large neighborhoods in Kyle with easy access to Interestate 35.


Is Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle Early Learning School accredited?

All Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning School are part of an accredited early learning system with the Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company, with accreditation provided by Cognia.  This means each school is required to follow specific procedures on curriculum, operational procedures, and management policies.  We’re proud to be part of such a strong brand and a values-based history.  


Each early learning school can also choose to obtain an individual accreditation.  In order to obtain a school level accreditation, we must be open for specific time periods and follow a fairly lengthy review and approval process.  As we are a new school, we haven’t yet had an opportunity to obtain this level of accreditation.  This is part of our goals within the first 1-2 years of our opening date.  


Is Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle a Montessori school?

Montessori is a concept from the early 1900’s.  While we agree with foundational values of a Montessori program including various activity stations, active teacher engagement moving around the room, and a focus on the whole student including physical, emotional, intellectual, and emotional, there are certain aspects that aren’t covered which we feel are important in the modern age.  Our goal is to ensure your child is prepared for future success.  We know that children need to be ready to take on education in today’s society.  To learn more why we feel our approach is the best approach to support your child’s development, click here to read the overview and view this video from Dr. Kristi Smith.  


What hours is Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle open?

We are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  


Does Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle require we drop off our children at certain times?

We are proud to offer flexible drop off and pick up times.  We understand in the today’s age of virtual work, multiple income streams, and hassles like traffic can impede day to day lives and disrupt schedules.  For our preschool aged classrooms (ages 2 through 5), most of our focused curriculum take place in the morning and early afternoons.  We do recommend children arrive by 9.a.m. to take full advantage of the curriculum, but we won’t turn our families away at certain cutoff times.  


What qualifications are teachers required to have?

Early childhood education and state regulations do not require any specific experience or certification.  However, we have several pillars on which we focus to ensure we become the premier preschool in Kyle, Tx.



At Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle, we aim to hire and retain the most qualified teachers, staff, and management.  Our lead teachers, at minimum, we aim to have 2 years of lead teacher experience.  Our average years of experience of lead teachers is much higher.  



Additionally, every teacher joining Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle goes through a rigorous training process.  This includes:

  • 30+ hours of webinar and video-based courses focused on our curriculum and early child development

  • 16 hours of in-classroom training and practical experience

  • In person training for members of our management team called Lighthouse Leadership  Academy

  • Ongoing certification requirements and continuous learning throughout the year 


Operational Policies

Our management conducts several daily walk throughs of our classrooms to ensure the policies, procedures, and curriculum are being executed as outlined.  We coach and mentor our teachers on the value of following the provided policies.  



We have regular formal assessments of our staff to ensure our policies, procedures, and curriculum are engrained in our culture.  We support our teachers and management staff through monthly or quarterly training, additional 3rd party courses, and training by our franchise coaches.


Compensation and Benefits 

Finally, we believe taking care of our people, means taking care of our children and parents.  We aim to offer the most competitive pay and benefits for our teachers and staff to attract, retain, and train the best talent.  Through lower turnover and higher levels of retention, we can focus on children rather than continued training of new teachers.


Is Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle an education based childcare center?

We have three developmentally appropriate curriculums to support your child’s development.  Though we are education focused, we also ensure we embed our learning concepts in activities children see as fun.  Whether it is painting, dramatic play, outdoor activities like yoga, or language development through Spanish lessons, our students are continuously learning, but enjoy it!


What are your child ratios? 

Child ratios vary by age, room size, and time of day.  In general, infant rooms can care for up to 10 children.  The 2 year old room is allowed up to 22 children by state law, we target to max out at 20.  Additionally, the older children rooms can support up to 35 children – our ratios will be lower.  While we can’t make guarantees on max size always being lower than state requirements, we do take pride in lower counts to focus on your child’s development.  If you have specific questions on current enrollments, please reach out to our Director.


Who is your management team?

We have an experienced management team including a Director, Assistant Director, Curriculum Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, and Owner.  


Do you provide meals, food, or snacks to students?

Yes, Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle provides all meals and snacks to children who eat solid foods.  We do not allow outside food in our facility with the exception of formula and breast milk.  We pride ourselves on offering nutritious and kid-friendly meals.  All meals are prepared daily by our in-house chef.  


Our menu is available on bulletin boards in our building for visibility at all times.  Additionally, we offer both vegetarian and dairy free alternatives with every meal.  


We do not provide formula for infants – parents must supply infants or breast milk for infants.  We have strict protocols to feed infants safely.


What do I need to bring for my child?

If you choose to enroll your child(ren) at our facility, we will work with you to get you ready for your families first day.  We understand it can be a big change to start at a new early learning center or start a new center for the first time.  We have a great checklist for you to consider as you prepare.  If you have more questions, give us a call.  


Does Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle have part time options available for students?

Yes, we have part time options available for our enrolled families.  We have part time options for children ages 3 and above.  We offer a 3 day program option that includes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday care or a 2 day program on Tuesdays and Thursday.  


How much does it cost to attend Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle?  Is Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle expensive?

Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle has a vision to be the best preschool in Hays County.  We have a beautiful brand-new facility with excellent outdoor playgrounds and splashpad, in a great location central to families, a unique and proprietary curriculum, and the best teachers and staff.  All of these benefits add additional value for families.  Our tuition rates are charged weekly.  Tuition ranges based on age and whether full time or part time.  We also have a sibling discount available for families with multiple children enrolled at our school.  Our tuition rate is inclusive of meals/ snacks and we don’t charge extra fees for extended hours.  For current tuition rates, please contact our school to learn more.


Is Children’s Lighthouse of Kyle hiring teachers and staff?

Yes, we are always looking for the best teachers and staff.  To learn more, visit the jobs page or call us and speak with our Director. 

Does Children's Lighthouse of Kyle have space available for my child?
We are currently enrolling for all age groups.  Some classrooms are currently on a waitlist.  We do have immediate openings for our day 1 opening for ages 3 and older.  To avoid further wait lists, you can call us today to begin the registration process.  To reserve your spot, you must fill out some online forms and pay the required registration fee.

How long is the waitlist at Children's Lighthouse of Kyle?
 We continuously evaluate our classrooms for availability and openings.   As children age, they progress through classrooms and we work to get the next family started with us.  We currently have availability in most classrooms.  We opened officially on April 9th and are filling our spaces quickly.  We expect most classrooms to be full by August and younger aged classrooms to fill up before then.
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