The Learning Wall
The Masked Preschooler
Before I begin this blog, I want to preface that I am not writing about “to mask or not to mask.”  That is not the question.  The question that I want to discuss in this blog is “How... Keep Reading
The Importance of Early Childhood Education
The decision on whether or not to enroll children in preschool or an early learning program can be stressful for parents. They may not see the benefit to it, or, may feel that their child can learn... Keep Reading
Taking Care of You to Better Care for Them
Let's be real, parenting is incredibly challenging. It can be emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. Arguably some of the hardest parts of parenting are handling situations where your child... Keep Reading
How Technology Impacts Sleep
Getting a good night's sleep is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Both you and your child need regular sleep to keep your brains active and focused throughout the day.  It's especially... Keep Reading
Patience in a Have It Now World
pa • tience   noun the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset Synonyms: forbearance, tolerance, restraint, self-restraint, stoicism... Keep Reading
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