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Please enjoy some reviews from our current and past parents. If you would like to add one to this site please feel free to email it to the school and we will post here. If you are interested in doing a short video testimonial just stop by the front desk and schedule it with them. We love to be able to spread the word of your happiness in being part of the Childrens Lighthouse Family.

From Rick & Tracy

I would like to take the time to thank the staff at the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center for all the special ways they make our daughter feel loved. Every day the staff makes a point to greet her personally in the morning, which makes the transition into the classroom smooth and less stressful for us. The staff communicates about our daughter's day in person and through Tadpoles, which helps us talk about her day when she gets home. We feel confident that she is learning developmentally appropriate tasks in the classroom along with social and emotional skills that will help her throughout her life. When she comes home from school, she likes to play pretend "Circle Time" with her stuffed animals. She likes to read books to them and talk about colors, shapes, and sizes. This year she started going to Jesus Rocks, she loves to sing the songs and talk about the stories she's heard. She always talks about her friends and teachers at school and has told us many times how much she loves her teachers in Room 5. Thanks for all that you do for our daughter we couldn't ask for better care!

Rick & Tracy

From Kaitlin

My first son stayed at home with family rather than going to daycare. I was one of the first time mother's who thought daycare was to be avoided at all costs! When my second came around we had no choice, we had to do daycare. I toured NUMEROUS places before coming to Children's Lighthouse. I felt sanitary and cold in many of the places I toured, and the teachers I had met gave the impression of a job rather than a life passion. When I walked in to Children's Lighthouse, I immediately knew it was the right place. Everyone is so warm, nurturing, and their love for the children is evident. My second son has been there since 10 weeks and I cannot put into words how blessed I feel to have him in their care - he is loved, happy and loves it! For a mom who was against daycare, I have even brought him in on a day off to get things done because I love it so much!! My first son is two and we put him in recently, and I am so pleased to have them both there! They are blossoming, learning rules and structure, socializing, and becoming well-mannered boys! Thank you Children's Lighthouse for loving and taking such great care of my boys!


From Other Parents

My daughter loves going to Children's Lighthouse. ALL the teachers are wonderful! Great school!

I have 3 children attending Children's Lighthouse. We couldn't be happier with the care they receive!

My daughter LOVES this school!! She has learned SO much! The teachers and the administration staff our amazing. It says a lot when my daughter looks forward to going to school every day.

My daughter has gone here since she was 6 months old and loves it, she is in the VPK program now. The staff and teachers are great. Feel totally comfortable knowing my twins will go there too after they are born this summer.

From The Houdeks

Dear Deanna,

As the year winds down, I admittedly need to pace myself for the fact that another of my babies is growing up. So, it's probably best that I share this with you now so that I can collect myself by VPK graduation.

I have thought at length about the feelings I might put on paper when the day our youngest ends his last year at Children's Lighthouse would finally come. Each time, it was met with a twinge of pain at the thought we will no longer be walking these halls every weekday, see the other children and their parents we have come to know, and most importantly have to say goodbye to the tremendous teachers and staff who have been part of our lives for seven years. Children's Lighthouse has meant so much more to us than a place to keep our children safe and well-guarded; it has been an extension of the utmost spiritual character we could ever hope to instill them. The thoughtful caring that resonates through your character teaching, love for God and others and old-fashion fun and energy has never wavered. I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have given our family over the years through your dedication to our children, for loving them so, and helping them to bring home the values that they will carry with them forever. You are so much more than a daycare or a school, you are foundation for life and we are so grateful to have had the chance to get to know you. And while we will still be able to hang on to summers and breaks for a few more years, please know that we will never forget the role you played in molding our children into loving, kind and generous young people. Thank you, Children's Lighthouse teachers and staff.

All our love,

The Houdeks

From Kim D.

First preschool for my daughter after being in a home daycare. It has been a fantastic experience for her and she is starting her second year in PreK 4. The staff truly seems to take the time to get to know my child and her personality. She loves the school and can't wait for Wednesday and Jesus rocks with Ms. Mimi. The values taught have been so helpful in our upbringing as well.

Thank you!

Kim Driver

From Fran C.

My two girls have been going to the Children's Lighthouse for over three years now. The both love going there. One of their favorite activities is the weekly Jesus Rocks program. My little one comes home every Wednesday singing all the new songs she learned that day. I would highly recommend the Children's Lighthouse to anyone who asked.

Fran Cummings

Human Resources Manager
USDC-Middle District of Florida

From Kathryn A.

I am truly pleased with the education that my 2 year old daughter is getting. Everyday she is singing a new song or talking about something that she just learned. She is becoming very articulate with her speech. She adores her teachers and loves to go to school. Thanks for caring for my little one while I am at work.


Kathryn Andrijiszyn
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